Original Xiaomi Air TWS Bluetooth Headset 2 Airdots pro 2 Xiaomi Smart Voice Control LHDC HD Sound Dynamic Tap Control ENC

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Original Xiaomi Air TWS Bluetooth Headset 2 Airdots pro 2 Xiaomi Smart Voice Control LHDC HD Sound Dynamic Tap Control ENC
Transmission Type:Wireless
Connection Type:Bluetooth

Original Xiaomi Air 2 TWS Bluetooth Headset Half in-ear Earphone 4.5g ENC Smart Voice Control LHDC HD Sound Dynamic Tap Control

Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Air 2 Smart true wireless, easy to wear Smart Voice Wakeup|Dual Microphone Noise Reduction|ILHDC HD Sound Quality Composite diaphragm moving coil|true wireless stereo|semi-in-ear design

LHDC Bluetooth HD decoding technology Composite diaphragm moving coil to restore sound details 14.2mm large horn, with large composite diaphragm moving coil, the bass is full and thick, the medium frequency is soft and natural, and the high frequency is bright and transparent.

Intelligent voice wake-up*, responsive Call answering / hanging up:Tap twice on either side of the headset Wake up voice assistant:Tap twice on the left earphone Binaural play/pause:Tap twice on the right earphone Single ear play/pause:Tap twice on the headset Music pause:Remove any headphones

ENC environmental noise reduction technology Fearless interference The dual-microphone array environment noise reduction technology effectively reduces the environmental noise during the call, ensuring high-definition speech recognition and call quality even in noisy environments.

Personalized, smart and convenient Support personalized settings, with the small love class App, you can customize the left and right ear operation mode, earphone name, etc. Set it according to your personal preferences, make the headset smarter and understand you better.

Open the cover and connect it*, one step in place Xiaomi true wireless Bluetooth headset Air2 and MIUI deep customization, after the first connection, open the charging box mobile phone will pop-up window automatically complete the Bluetooth pairing and connection, the connection is more convenient, at the same time you can check the power of the headset and the charging box. Instant pairing, automatic connection, no waiting.

Infrared optical sensor The built-in infrared optical sensor can detect the wearing state of the earphone in real time, and can be sensed instantly when the ear is in the ear. Whether you are listening to music or watching a movie, don't miss every frame, and it can effectively improve the actual use time.

Fast charging, long-lasting battery life* 1 hour full charged 4 hours single use 14 hours of music playback